Is “biosludge” responsible for causing more cancer?

Back when Bill Clinton was president in the 1990s, legislation was passed to allow for human sewage to be converted into “fertilizer,” which is now spread all over American food crops as “biosludge.” But as revealed in the new documentary film Biosludged – you can watch the trailer at – biosludge isn’t safe, and could be contributing to increased rates of cancer.

In the film, which was just released at, there are many little-known dangers associated with biosludge, including the fact that it contains all sorts of toxins known to cause cancer. These include things like pharmaceuticals and pesticides, neither of which are effectively filtered out of biosludge at wastewater treatment plants.

“Biosludge is the greatest cover-up,” stated Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, during a recent interview with independent journalist Alex Jones. “It’s the mass poisoning of our country.”

Of great concern to Adams are the many consequences of this toxic stew being strewn all over America’s heartland. It’s this festering stew of poison and pathogens that’s creating increasingly more chronic disease throughout modern society, including ever-rising rates of cancer.

“You combine all of the feces, and all of the viral strains, and all of the bacteria of an entire city, you put it into a pile, and you dump it out in the countryside, the birds get into it and they spread the viruses,” Adams says.

“You know why we’re having so many weird diseases? … It’s because there is this mass poisoning, and it was approved by the Clinton administration EPA back in the 1990s.”

Biosludge is full of gender-bending chemical atrazine, as well as cancer-causing SV-40

If environmentalists were really concerned about actually protecting the environment, they’d be speaking out about biosludge, which Adams says is the biggest public health scandal of our day. But they’d apparently rather focus on fairy tale political agendas that accomplish nothing.

“The environmental movement is a political joke because they talk about global warming and climate change – things that are a scientific hoax,” says Adams. “They won’t talk about the actual environmental crime, the greatest environmental crime of our time, which is biosludge being spread on our countryside, on our farms.”

What many people fail to recognize about biosludge is that it actually creates higher concentrations of toxins in our soils. And this bioaccumulation, as it’s called, is contaminating our food supply with noxious chemicals like the gender-bender atrazine, and the cancer-causing agent SV-40.

“Atrazine and these other chemicals, they go back into the food supply, back into the water supply, and they feminize men across America,” warns Adams. “The food is a vector, a weapon, that’s being used against masculinity, against fertility.”

As far as SV-40 is concerned, this known cancer-causing agent is everywhere these days. According to Jones, SV-40 can be found in every major sewage system in the world, which means that biosludge is teeming with it as well.

“It’s one virus guaranteed that’s killed hundreds of millions of people globally,” says Jones about the constant threat of encountering SV-40 in the modern world. “And then no one even knows that most cancer is viral.”

No matter how you look at it, biosludge is a modern-day scourge – the black plague of the conventional food supply, so to speak. And the only chance we have of putting an end to its use is to sound the alarm about the fact that it’s happening, which is why we’re encouraging everyone to watch Biosludged and share the film with others.

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